1988 - 2024

DentCare was founded in 1988, with a vision to fabricate and deliver world-class prostheses to dentists across the globe.

With state of the art manufacturing facilities spanning over 300,000 sq. ft. we are among
the leading manufacturers of dental prostheses in the world. We offer a comprehensive
range of dental prostheses with unmatched quality and accuracy, made possible with a
workforce of 4000 skilled technicians and specialist dentists. The raw materials utilized by
DentCare are best in the industry and are sourced from Germany, USA etc. to ensure top
notch quality which has garnered over millions of satisfied patients and thousands of happy
dentists. Over the years DentCare has also accumulated many recognitions and
certifications due to the quality and reliability of the products. Our satellite services are
available in various cities spread across the country, such as Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad
and Gujarat. Since its inception DentCare has grown and expanded its operations to 6
countries around the world.


To elevate the experience of the global populace of clinicians in the dental fraternity and restore everlasting smiles.


With attention to detail and desire for perfection, we work as a team to provide products and services of superlative quality. We stride ahead with full commitment for continuous improvement through research and continued professional development of our team. By adopting globally-best technologies, we provide world class products and services so that it benefits our stakeholders and the society at large.



John Kuriakose CDT is an inspiring figure in the field of dentistry and dental technology. He started his journey from humble beginnings and his story is a testament to his perseverance, passion, and unwavering faith in God. With his dedication and hard work, he has become a highly successful dental technician and entrepreneur, leading one of the largest dental laboratories in the world. Through his visionary leadership, DentCare's lab in India has grown from a modest 290 sq. ft. space in 1988 to a sprawling 300,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility. John along with his team has travelled all across the world researching on advancements in dental material sciences and technologies, with the aim of implementing advanced yet practical solutions in dentistry. He has received numerous accolades for his contributions, including the National Oral HealthCare Sushruta Award from the late President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. John has expanded DentCare's operations to the US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and the Middle East, in line with his exemplary vision to Brighten Smiles the World Over! John's inspiring story has touched the lives of millions of people in India and around the world, serving as a beacon of hope and perseverance to all those who aspire to achieve greatness through determination and a steadfast commitment to their goals.

Our Team

Pioneering Dental Excellence Worldwide


Jessy John

Vice Chairperson


Baby Kuriakose

Director - Finance, Administration & HR


Saju Kuriakose

Director - Global Sales & Marketing


Eldhose K Varghese

Director - Trading Division & Public Relations


Saly Saju

Director - Quality Assurance


Daisy Baby

Director - CRM


Abin Johns

Chief Executive Officer


Dayal Kurian

Chief Operating Officer


Joel John

Director- International Operations


Dr Joshua John

Director - Clinical Affairs

Our History

A Journey of Transforming Lives & Smiles


The Late 1980’s and 90’s

DentCare had a remarkable journey of excellence during the late 1980s and 90s. It all began in 1998, when the company focused on crown and bridge fabrication. The following years were filled with several innovative milestones such as the initiation of acrylic partial and complete dentures in 1990, followed by the first ceramic division in South India in 1991, and cast partial dentures in cobalt chromium in 1992. In 1993, the IPS empress was introduced in India, and in 1997, precision attachment was launched. In 1998, DentCare expanded to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and the following year, they became the first company in India to implement a laser-welding system. DentCare's commitment to innovation and excellence helped establish the brand as a leader in the dental care industry.

The 2000s

In the early 2000s, DentCare made significant strides as a leading dental lab in India. In 2000, the company received its first-ever ISO 9001 certification, marking a significant accomplishment as the first dental lab to receive it. The following year, DentCare launched its implant prostheses division, allowing the company to expand its services in the growing field of implantology. In 2002, the company introduced DentCare Zirconia, a high-strength ceramic material used in dental restorations. The company continued to invest in new technology and machinery, adding CNC milling units in 2003 for increased precision and efficiency. In 2004, DentCare introduced aesthetic veneers and in 2005, it began production of titanium cast partial dentures. In 2006, the company brought IPS E.max to India, a highly esthetic all-ceramic material popular with both patients and dentists worldwide. Finally, in 2007, DentCare expanded its operations across India, reaching a wider range of patients seeking quality dental care.


Giant Leaps in Dental Technology

The DentCare journey has been marked by ground-breaking innovations and numerous milestones that have transformed the dental industry. DentCare Zirconia made its debut in 2009, while the following years saw the company obtain CE marking for its prostheses and perform Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) for Cobalt Chromium – a first in India. In 2012, DentCare introduced Titanium DMLS, gained ISO 13485 certification (another first in India for a dental lab), and in 2013 brought 3D printing and intraoral digital impressions to the table along with DentCare Luminers. US FDA registration and an Exclusive R&D division followed in 2014, while the manufacturing facility got an upgrade and Satellite Units began operations in 2015. Finally, in 2016, DentCare Aligners boldly launched as the first Indian Aligner Brand.

Present Day DentCare

DentCare has witnessed remarkable success since its inception, with our operations expanding across the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA and the initiation of NES MEDICORP. The introduction of Nestra 3D Printer for multiple applications in 2020 has been a stepping stone in our technological advancements. The establishment of the DentCare Foundation and Institute of Dental Technology in 2021 has been a significant milestone in their commitment to improve oral health. In 2022, DentCare Aligners received FDA 510 (k) and CDSCO registration, attesting to the quality of products and Infine and Nesklen were developed by the Research and Development Division. DentCare has also become the first Indian Dental Laboratory approved by the CDSCO in 2023, marking a significant moment in our innovative journey.


Our Affiliated Ventures


DentCare Institute of Dental Technology

DentCare Institute of Dental Technology is an esteemed initiative by DentCare aimed at equipping aspiring dental professionals with the latest industry knowledge and cutting-edge technology. We are committed to providing exceptional opportunities for individuals passionate about the dental field. At DentCare, we take pride in our dedication to staying at the forefront of dental care and innovation. Through DentCare Institute of Dental Technology, we offer comprehensive programs and courses designed to empower our students with the skills and expertise needed to excel in this dynamic industry.



As a sister concern of DentCare Dental, NES MEDICORP upholds our commitment to ensuring the delivery of the finest quality products to our customers. We are driven by a steadfast dedication to providing state-of-the-art resources that sustain exemplary levels of excellence, all while delivering an exceptional customer care experience. NES MEDICORP engages in a wide range of activities, including trading, manufacturing, and importing dental materials, machinery, as well as health and wellness equipment. We invite you to explore our extensive product line on our website, www.dentcareshop.com, and indulge in a seamless one-stop shop experience that reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence.


Research and Development

DentCare's Research and Development (R&D) division is where innovation and excellence converge to shape the future of dentistry. Our R&D team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of dental science, leading the way in pioneering breakthroughs that redefine clinical standards. Collaborating with globally recognized specialists, we focus on developing advanced dental prostheses, cutting-edge materials, and revolutionary products. With sustainability at the forefront, DentCare R&D integrates eco-friendly practices into our initiatives, contributing to a healthier planet. Through strategic partnerships with and a commitment to a global perspective, our R&D efforts address diverse challenges, ensuring DentCare remains a trailblazer in international dental research. Join us on the journey towards a brighter, more innovative future for dentistry, where smiles are transformed and lives are enhanced.

Global Presence